Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Binary Domain

Quick review to get my thoughts down on this because I just finished Binary Domain. Summary: Fun, worth the $40, got about 9 hours from campaign.

As a great man... well, bitter man at least *coughYahtzeecough* once said, if you're going to have quicktime events, make them a core part of gameplay. Binary Domain makes a cardinal sin of there's about 5 quicktime events in the entire 6 chapters of the game, and at least 2 are in the last chapter. First time one showed up, I boffed it because I had no idea what was up, since I was over an hour in to the game. And realistically, they could have done more QTE in the cinematics, since there's lots of action, and it would have made them a bit more interesting. There's a decent selection of guns, but for the most part, you'll probably stick with the default assault rifle, since you actually get to upgrade it and your squadmates' primary guns over the course of the game, and there's not a lot that doesn't go down quickly if you're a decent shot.