Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is a Canadian flick, so I doubt many people are going to get to see it in theatres, or will ever see it in video stores unless they specifically go and look for it, which is a tragedy, because this is an awesome movie. It stars Paul Gross, who most people will remember as Constable Benton Frasier from Due South. He was also in the excellent comedy Men With Brooms. The premise of Gunless is that it takes place in the "Wild West" time period, and Paul Gross plays the "Montana Kid," who has accidentally wandered in to a small town in Canada due to being near unconscious while his horse drags him along for a ride. It ends up that the local blacksmith "steals" Montana's horse, and fixes a problem with the shoes. Montana takes exception to this and challenges him to a duel, but uh oh! Wacky hijinks in that the blacksmith doesn't have a pistol, and no one has one to loan, because, you know, it's CANADA! Turns out one lady has an old, broken pistol that Montana can have, if he agrees to help her. And so there we have the premise of the movie. An American gunfighter stuck in a small Western Canada town, trying to deal with massive culture shock while recovering from injuries and dealing with his checkered past. It's a comedy, but it has some emotional depth to it as well. Paul Gross is a talented actor, and really brings life to this part (I may have a bit of a man-crush on him, shut up!), and it doesn't hurt that he's joined by the excessively amazing likes of Sienna Guillory and Graham Greene, amongst others. I really recommend this movie, but you're probably going to have to work to get to see it. It'll be worth it though, trust me.

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