Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mission Statement

Ha, what a way to start. I had a nice long intro post done up, and then my browser crashed, and I learned that it didn't save a draft of the post. So here's the short version:

The topic of this blog will be film and games. No genre, era, or level of quality will go intentionally untouched. Not all reviews will be negative, either. Any movie I watch, old or new, I intend to at least give an overview of in terms of quality and good/bad points. Any game I play is also fair game. I'll also talk about directors, actors, maybe producers, genres, archetypes, trends. Tangentially related topics are fine. I don't want to overly limit my topics so that I'll not run out of material.

For updating purposes, I won't hold to a set schedule. I plan on once a week, minimum, hopefully, and more often when inspiration strikes. I'll be delving in to my DVD collection for the first few posts, and hopefully that will give some background insight to both me and my collection. I'll even see if I can snap a few photos so that everyone can see just how bizarre my collection is!

Join me next time for the first official review on Celluloid and Silicon.

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