Saturday, March 27, 2010

She's Out of My League

Another movie I've just returned from seeing, and wow, lemme tell you, this one is a doozy.

She's Out of My League is a Romantic Comedy rated 14A (R in the US of A apparently), and let me tell you, I can tell why. So much swearing. So, if you don't mind swearing, SEE THIS MOVIE. However, there are some caveats.
The plot is pretty standard fare for romantic comedies in the current state of the genre. Guy meets girl, they go out, fall for each other, there's a terrible misunderstanding, they break up, then they reconcile. There's no surprises here. The characters are also standard by now. Hot girl (Molly), goofy guy (Kirk), bitchy best friend for the girl (Patty), goofy best friends for the guy (Stainer, Jack, and Devon).

But here's the thing. The guys feel like friends. You don't ask yourself, "Why are these guys friends? Those guys are JERKS!" The bitchy best friend and the girl also feel like friends, although not as much, due to reduced screen time. And you know what? The chemistry between Kirk and Molly also works. Yeah, she's hot, and successful, but he's funny and nice, and really, he's not hideous either. And the chemistry between all the characters is a darn good thing, otherwise the jokes wouldn't work. Most of them rely on the interplay between the characters, and if the characters didn't work, the whole movie would fall apart.

Unfortunately, as is classic with a good movie, I loathe to spoil any of the jokes. I can say they range the gamut of humour, though. There should be something for everyone. Dirty jokes, physical humour, one-liners, etc.

In closing, I must reinforce, you really should see this movie. It's funny, and it's a feel-good, without being sappy. I'm definitely going to add this to my collection when it hits DVD, and I may even go see it a second time in theatres, if I get the chance.

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